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Summer Reed Making Seminar

JUNE 18-19

- 8 Hours of instruction for $150 -

Our two-day virtual seminar offers a comprehensive approach to the entire reed-making process - starting with cane selection and ending with the finishing scrapes - so all ages and skill levels are welcome!  The seminar will conclude with a reed making masterclasses, in which each participant will have the opportunity to show and discuss one of their reeds. Based on photographs and objective reed tests, we will be able to individually improve everyone's reed.

DSCF6380 (1).jpg

Due to the extensive hours of this intensive, all classes will be recorded and sent to participants who have scheduling conflicts. 

10am-12pm,  Break,  1pm-3pm

(Pacific Time)

Space is limited so each student gets designated one-on-one time. Sign up below, or check out our course curriculum for more detailed information about the class.

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